Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My start on learning the minutae of mortgages.

For various reasons, I am trying to learn about mortgages. At some point, this information will become very useful to my lifeplan. :-) Just some thoughts that I have coming together. :-)

Anyway...right now I am looking through the website of a company called "Strategic Lending." Strategic Lending specializes in Idaho Mortgage Loans (and refinance loans). When I go to do what I plan on doing with mortgages (again I am being cryptic about life plans here....and maybe a little dreamy), I need to find a company like that matches the buyer/seller up and carefully considers finances. I will be looking for a company with a conscience...and looking through sites like this helps me figure out how the best mortgage companies operate.

Lease to Own might also work for what I have in mind. I had never thought of that. :-)

I also forgot that leasing is not always due to a lack of money...sometimes it is due to bad credit. According to the site, leasing buys time...time to make more money or time to improve credit (so you can apply for a mortgage loan).

Finally, I am learning about how to refinance homes. A good part of what I want to do is helping other people(s). :-) I think that refinancing should be the last thing looked at as an option.

One thing that I did not know is that refinancing a mortgage loan can sometimes be a GOOD THING. One can sometime renegotiate terms to get better interest rates (due to interest rates going down or to a better credit score). That is something that I was excited to learn. :-)

It's using one's house as a loan that scares me. This is the dire area that I feel it is crucial that I learn about if I am ever to do anything that involves helping others with real estate. quote the A-team, "I love it when a plan comes together." Writing this review has really helped me to start further planning on some of the things that I want to do in my lifetime. :-)

"The Banking Industry's Biggest Secret" involves mortgages.

Refinance Idaho
Fractional Loans...share the property for a great vacation getaway. :-)

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