Friday, July 25, 2008

Caring is Sharing....with stem cells, too. :-)

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Celle is running a special limited-time promotion right now that might sound "icky" to some...but it could save lives. Through C'Elle, stem cells can be harvested from menstrual blood and possibly used to treat life-threatening diseases. During the "Caring is Sharing" promotion, a woman can purchase C'elle for herself and give the service as a gift for free.

A woman's loved ones can benefit from C'Elle in many ways. Stem cells can possibly help treat things like heart disease,osteoporosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. These stem cells can be useful to close relatives....siblings,parents, children and herself. :-)

C'Elle is supposed to be safe and easy...I am not quite sure how the process works but I will be looking into that. This is something that can be done each month and in the privacy of one's home.

However it is done, the process is non-invasive and the menstrual cells are cryo-preserved after they are processed. Cryo-preserved=stored at a very low temperature. I am not sure how long cryo-preservation is good for....whether these cells could be around for future generations-I don't know.

These cells (though some may consider them icky) do have a lot of potential uses....things Science probably hasn't even thought of yet. For me, this is a good idea as it does not use stem cells that sacrifice any life and I would think that the process is made as sanitary as possible.

The cells may also one day be used for sports medicine or things like anti-aging treatments (the latter not being something that I am so sure that I approve of).

Anyway....definitely a unique gift. :-)

C'elle Client Testimonial
C'elle website

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