Tuesday, July 29, 2008

LifeLock :-)


I am still looking at LifeLock. I want to try their free trial but I am waiting a while as I am not using many cards right now. I want to try it out at a time when I can judge how effective it will truly be for me.

LifeLock is America's Number 1 Identity Theft Protection Program. LifeLock guarantees your identity up to 1,000,000...that's a LOT of confidence in one's service. LifeLock's CEO has even posted his social security number on the Internet...when his identity was compromised, the service was able to spare him damage very quickly. :-)

Comparison of LifeLock to other Identity Theft Protection Programs

What does LifeLock do?
-Replaces documents when your purse or wallet is lost/stolen ("WalletLock")
-Places/renews fraud alerts on accounts at the credit bureaus. Remembering to renew fraud alerts is VERY important when your identity has been compromised.
-Performs "ERecon."...scans the internet for private info (that you did not give permission to have published)
-Removes your name from phone solicitation and junk mail lists. No pre-approved offers for thieves to take. No trickery (or annoyance) with phone solicitations.

I will be using promotion code "RD17" when I try out this service. RD17 entitles me to a 30-day trial. RD17 also includes your choice of discounts....$11 off an annual subscription or 10% of subscription cost (if you choose to pay monthly).


Life Lock

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