Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rissy Roos
I am excited because I have found DRESSES. :-) The Shoppes at Cornerstone in Linwood, New Jersey. Rissy Roos has the latest trends and,dresses,shoes and accessories.

A nice thing is that this store is for women of all ages...and for many occasions.

Of the Bridal Dresses there is one that I particularly like the back of. I wish that it were on a different style of dress though. I will be looking into this designer.

-----Every dress is put into a registry....thus insuring that no dress of the same style is sold for the same event. :-)
-----As far as dresses go, there is something for all life stages...from Quinceanera to Mother of the Bride. :-)
-----There is something for all styles to. I am a bit conservative and found quiet a few truly beautiful pieces on here. Now, I just to pick which I will go with and decide on when. I am pining for a dress with one of the little bolero jackets....not sure which one-something beautiful. :-)

I am particularly into, I am happy to see such a great selection:

0 to 24
14W to 28W
Juniors, Missy, and Plus sizes.

-----Coordinating multiple colors. For some reason, I am particularly fond of La Regale's "Pearl Ottoman" reminds me of milk glass. :-)

prom dresses
plus size prom dresses
designer shoes
jeans...I will be keeping an eye on the boot-cut and wide-leg styles.

There is a lot to look at on this stay tuned as I work my way through. :-)

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