Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"Bed and Breakfast Paris" review

I like to plan potential trips....and sometimes get to take them. Learning about the different places if fun for me to....I like to armchair travel. Yes, I am weird.

Anyway...I am looking at a site that helps to book Bed and Breakfasts in Paris and hotels in Paris.

I like sites that make it easier for one to book....particicularly when they charge no booking fee. When I go to Paris, I will likely stay at one of the Bed and Breakfasts in Paris versus a hotel. A bed and breakfast gives one so much more of feel for what living in a country is actually like.

I love to stay at places where I feel safe but people are willing to talk. For a true feeling of the country, I would likely stay at a hostel or apartment....and there are some listed on this site. The idea of hostels has always been intriguing to me. There are so few hostels here in the States.

If one really wants to have someone else book the stay for them, this site is willing to do it for a 3% commission (to cover bank fees). Given the way that some of the things on the site are phrased, I suspect that the owner is actually from France. The site is able to accept credit cards....but only Euros. :-)

Some o f my picks:
Hotel Le 31 Paris....romantic and neighbors a park.
Bonne Nuit Paris...I like the historic features of the rooms.
Paris-Chic....large sunny rooms with a view of Paris rooftops.

I enjoy traveling and it is nice to fantasize about a great vacation...but this is strictly a review right now. :-) I will likely go to Paris someday when the world political situation is more at-ease. I also want to see some of the lions in Lyons, France...particularly those that inspired The Shameless Lions Writing Circle (which I belong to). What vacations you are planning?

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