Tuesday, July 15, 2008

America's Got Talent....tonight's episode.

-----The woman who had people waving and so on...then broke into a rendition of "All By Myself" that got a LOT of bad reaction. She had not ever recored her voice and listened back to it...something that I have done and know that I need work. This woman, Michele seemed like a very sweet person.
-----Bruce Block who performed on a bed-of-nails with a woman singing "Anything Goes." Eventually, the lady (Merry Simkins) ended up standing on him. David Hasselhoff eventually decided to see if the nails were real by doing the same thing. Bruce Block is going to Las Vegas.
-----A Tina Turner impersonator doing "Proud Mary." It was obvious to me that LaRae had seen the actual performance. Pierce pointed out that it was a a lip sync but LaRae will be going to Vegas.
-----ZOOperstars....interesting. Characters that even bounce on their heads....going to Vegas.
-----Brian Cheatem (spelling?) who sang "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" from Armageddon...going to Vegas.
----Dallas Desperadoes. A group of women dancers. Going to Vegas.
-----A young man who did a very good imitation of a robot. A neat track to perform to...some of it to the music from "Jeopardy." Name is Kenneth. Going to Vegas.
-----Barry Collier...a man who does barnyard animal noises. I was impressed by the coyote. Got 3 No's.
----Nance Upchurch. I tried but couldn't make out what she was singing.
-----"The Freak Show"
-----Music Makes the World Go Round....music teachers who play the accordion.
-----A man who had a beautiful voice...singing "You Raise Me Up." The audience kept booing....finally at the end a lot were cheering.

A post-in-progress right now. :-)


RL said...

America's Got Talent has become a JOKE. The judges are SOOOO rude to some of these folks (especially the accordian players last night). Hasselhoff couldn't play a note on an accordian if he tried, yet the judges will crush these people's career to look hip. They are probably very good at what they do or the show wouldn't have invited them to appear. Little did they know they would be sabataged for ratings sake. If I was a performer I would NEVER go on that show no matter how talented I was. I have grown to HATE this show and will not waste my time watching anymore. NBC, cancel AGT NOW!


I don't know if I saw the accordion player. Sometimes, I do severely disagree with the judges and the things that they say.


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