Sunday, June 22, 2008

Unconcious Mutterings

  1. Goodbye ::
  2. Hello. Bye,Bye Birdy....a recent article about Tiger Woods injured knee was titled this. final farewell.graduation.funeral.Living Funerals...everyone who is ill (and able-minded enough to do so) should have one...Morrie Schwartz of "Tuesdays with Morrie" fame had one. the reading of a will is a sort of Goodbye.saying goodbye on the phone or when one goes to work/school. the ways to say goodbye in other languages. people who never got to say goodbye when someone dies. endings. Goodbye Goodbye by Oingo Boingo. The Last Supper.farewell speeches.we will be saying goodbye to Bush as President soon.

  3. Cage ::
  4. Nicolas. Tweety Bird. I showed Husband a picture of "Darth Tweety" that I found amusing last night. Animals at the zoo and the pound. bird cage,of course. feeling caged in. rib cage.

  5. Buddy ::
  6. Buddy Holly. The Buddy Jesus statue from the movie Dogma. Using the buddy system in school and when camping....still advisable for some situations as an adult.

  7. Magic words ::
  8. Harry Potter. saying Please. Open Sesame.

  9. Library ::
  10. Interlibrary loan. Library of Congress. I have a lot of books.

  11. Fall in love ::
  12. Romance. Some people try very hard not to fall in love...and even harder not to fall completely in love.

  13. Tense ::
  14. Workplaces. Muscles. Conjugating in school....were you good at it? Are you good at conjugating in any language besides your own?

  15. Work! ::
  16. Hard work is something I admire....putting very best effort into something. Not many people are truly hard workers anymore. Working in a Coal Mine. The song Sixteen Tons. Trabajo. Working 9 to 5...Dolly Parton...I want to be good enough to do this song at karaoke someday.

  17. Empty ::
  18. The glass is half empty. feeling empty. coming empty-handed. abandoned.The state we are all trying to avoid having our gas tanks be in.

  19. Heat wave ::
  20. There are heat waves on the west coast right now. The permanent state of weather in some places. Hell...the ultimate heat wave.


Unconcious Mutterings is a word association meme by LunaNina. :-) I haven't played in a while. This meme is in Week 282.

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