Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen...... :-)

1. Doctors may be able to use a patient's own immune cells to cure a small amount of people with skin cancer.
On a personal note:
I have a couple of moles that I don't like the look of (that doctors don't notice) which I need to point out next doctor visit....they look like the photos of moles that are not skin cancer but could lead to skin cancer. Chances are they will always be harmless....but still. I will keep you informed on we all need to encourage each other to take prompt actions concerning health concerns.

2. Chinese South Africans are to be reclassified as black people. Though White was the dominant workplace classification in South Africa, Chinese South Africans were discriminated against when they were considered white. I don't think it is a routine step to reclassify races in order to solve a discrimination/domination issue. I will follow the news that I can of this....wondering if this strategy will work.

3. Not wanting to leave footprints:

I just joined this evening. I am slowly going through all the recommendations. I already do a lot to offset carbon/help the environment. I usually add something new to my environmental efforts on a daily, I am not kidding. :-)
Please note: I also offset carbon via the site on the upper right corner of my blog. It takes so little effort to contribute sometimes. :-)

4. On Kiva, I have invested in the business of a lady who sells shoes. Micro-investing....meaning many lenders contribute to the loan amount. I am very impressed with Marina....she has paid back 67% of her loan!!!
Below is another person who needs a loan.

This widget will change to another person as soon as the loan amount is raised. :-)

5. Continuing to read an article about surviving without shampoo. I don't know if I am brave enough to try this for that long. Not everyone in the article had a positive experience with this. I think this might be one of those things that needs to be adjusted for your hair type....but I do agree that many women should use far less products on their hair.

6. Now I am really excited. I found a way of composting in the house that does not involve worms. Husband is not keen on having worms in the house. :-)
-----Part of this strategy still goes outside (on a terrace,porch,etc.), but it is a lot more convenient than traveling to the garden for each little bit of compost effort. I think this method will make it easier for me to keep up with using the compost and ensuring its quality. Besides, when I am transplanting, I always save the lives of all worms-so, I can just add worms to the soil as I go. I am trying to be a really good soil-rotator/enricher/maker. :-)

7. Summertime:
-----"How to have an eco-friendly barbecue"...there are some eco-friendly things that you can do with items you already have. :-)
-----A frank message to Sports Parents about Sideline Rage (I am glad to see "The Phoenix" back up and blogging.)
-----Recipe for homemade strawberry wine.Strawberry wine is a very messy wine to make.

8. Well, it looks like the new Guns N' Roses album might come out this year. This means that I might get a free can of Dr.Pepper. :-)

9. Snoop Dogg releases a country music video....dedicated to Johnny Cash. Here is that video.

10. Trying to figure out what is wrong with my stops working off-and-on. This is my laptop. It works perfectly in the compose mode of Blogger....but no where else. When I came home and opened it I saw a small streak of some liquid on the monitor....that no one admits putting there. I looked up computers sweating....but have found no such phenomenon. There is no wetness on the armchair where I keep the computer. Apparently the dog was near the computer but I don't think Dog could get anything into it without there being further evidence. This is a very odd problem. Something to do with the speed of individual sites I think. I will be cleaning out my keyboard and putting it up high....difficult to do as I have to put everything up and the computer needs to be perfectly safe (which it was in the armchair....until recently).
Update: This was a problem caused by updates to Mozilla. I had to uninstall,then reinstall. Annoyingly, after going through all this Mozilla updated again the next day....which would have fixed the problem. :-)

11. Firecracker Fried Chicken Drumsticks

12. The Anglican Church may split?

13. "The View" discusses the fact that people are now taking their dogs to Church <----The link is to a video of segment.

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