Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen :-)

1. Obama's terrorist fist jab???? The lady who made this remark has now lost her television show.

2. Married couple has sexual relations for 101 days straight....and writes a books about it called "Just Do It." I wonder if the book just chronicles what happened. I think that more of a workbook would be helpful. I wish that every married person would try to have a good relationship with their spouse. I will be asking my library to order this book so that I can at least take a look at it.

"Just Do It" can be pre-ordered on Amazon right now. :-)

3. Husband is going to make me a PVC Sprinkler Water Toy at some point. I am going to use it for play (yes, I am an adult) and to water plants. :-)

4. Man gets ticket for not wearing a shirt in public

5. Man walks 25 miles to court for DUI sentencing

6. World E-book Fair....will be FREE...July 4th through August 4th download free books. :-) This is the third year of this event. There goal is to offer access to 1 million Ebooks this time. I have gone to this E-book Fair in previous years and found a lot of interesting titles. :-)

7. Strict ID rules for Jack Daniels BBQ sauce?

8. I survived the trip home from dinner this evening (Thursday). There was a large REVOLVING funnel cloud trying to touch down, multiple thunderstorms and we had to take many detours due to flood waters. Other than that we had a nice dinner.
P.S. The weather was acceptable BEFORE we went out.

9. Recipe for an Australian meatloaf that has coffee in the sauce

10. I am reading through an article entitled "Could You Survive Without Shampoo?"

11. Growing a ginger beer plant...for making ginger beer. :-)

12. Being a Christian, it sometimes disturbs me that I do not do much to minister to prisoners. I wish I could think of things to do that would have absolutely no chance of putting safety at stake. Anyone out there do anything to minister to prisoners? I guess the reason why I feel that I should actually do this is not all people are guilty and some are capable of reform.

13. Will Bin Laden be captured before Bush leaves office? Will this decrease terrorism in the world?

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1. Colleen
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The Phoenix said...

That sprinkler toy is so awesome. So simple, it looks like.


Yes....I am glad that Husband is going to make me one. The dog might enjoy it,too.

colleen said...

Your such a good news watcher.

How about sending books to prisoners, ones on meditation and other helpful stuff?


That sounds like a good idea, Colleen.

I really need to look into this and remember to pray for prisoners more.
Not meaning that I am on their side...just for there spiritual welfare and rehabilitation (even if they have to remain in prison as part of the punishment).

I feel so bad for people when I find out that I were falsely imprisoned.....being an avid news-watcher, I often find incidents of this.


By the way Phoenix, I am looking forward to the return of your blog. :-)

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