Wednesday, June 04, 2008

This blog is on fire!!!! is going to have Sparks

I have been approved for SocialSpark!!! I was so excited when I got approved as it is more selective than a lot of sponsored blogging. I had to have less newsfeeds and Google videos....because this didn't make my blog look like it was largely original content. Instead of appealing my initial rejection (based on the fact that I do commentaries on the newsfeeds and so on), I used the opportunity to better my blog and think about how I post. I am thankful to Social Spark for their instance on high quality content-it gave me a chance to improve my own work and lets me be proud of the services that I associate with.

Social Spark is a totally different ball game than a lot of the sponsored sites. I think that I will always be able to find something to do there....if the level of activity that I have seen so far remains consistent. No more WAITING AND WAITING for appropriate opportunities!

Social Spark consists of paid posts,sponsorships (usually a banner goes up on your blog for a certain period of time...with a variable pay rate) and "sparks." The sparks aren't paid but they are neat....inspires writing and gives something neat to explore.

Plus it is a community. More people for me to talk to. I have four friends request to sort through right now. Blogosphere friends are great friends.

Start it all with a little spark.....a spark of writing (you can start with something simple and work to the more difficult/higher paid)....a spark of traffic growth (could get you a good bonus)....a spark of creativity. MOST BLOGS COULD USE MORE SPARKS.

Super features:
-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure (I am enjoying getting paid to talk....if that much is not obvious).
-100% Transparency ( )----Nothing in that last set of parentheses-they were see-through. :-)
-100% Real Opinions....I always have plenty of those and encourage you to do the same.
-100% Search Engine Friendly

Speaking of on accidentally cool photo revisited-"Romantic Dinner on Fire."

Sponsored by SocialSpark

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