Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Seven......

Name seven everyday “tools” that you use on a daily basis.

1. Glasses I call it "my Clark Kent disguise." I have an eye problem and people treat me badly due to the appearance of my eyes. The glasses keep my eyesight from getting worse (a tiny bit). The eyeglasses CAN NOT be forgotten...especially some places where people will directly say something insulting to me. There are cities/businesses where people just have no manners. This is why working retail was hell for me. Some days are almost surreal.
2. Cell phone Internet-equipped to help with the news-reading that I so love. I have been known to surf the Internet from the cellphone while in bed (less bulky than the laptop).
3. Calculator I am a big number cruncher. I like to come up with money-saving strategies. I plan to blog more about my money-saving efforts.
4. Paper Towels I use them a lot in taking care of my plants. I don't like the saucers under the plants to leave rings at, paper towels get folded under the coasters. I do not like leaving plant/soil debri, I clean after every session of plant care. I tear paper towels into multiple pieces...I am not wasteful. Paper towels assist in cleaning the leaves of my Christmas cactuses (I have one large plant,a medium plant and two cuttings-that-are-surviving-so-far).
5. Pens If I am not typing or reading, I am usually writing. :-)
6. Chopsticks I keep a supply at home. I am very interested in Oriental food.I own and treasure Pearl S. Buck's Oriental Cookbook.
7. Laptop Obviously, I use this a LOT. :-) I have been writing this blog since makes me happy.

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Windyridge said...

Better still, pick 4 electricla things you could not live without if we no longer had electricity!


Let me think about that one.

If I could never watch the television, I am sure that would bother me....but I could live without it if I HAD to.

Essentially, I need heat/cooling units,a refrigerator/freezer,my laptop charger,lights and my alarm clock. That is more than 4...but what I need.

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