Tuesday, July 01, 2008

LifeLock......peace of mind. :-)

I have been reading throughLifeLock reviews by consumers in order to get an accurate picture of this identity-theft-protection-service.

LifeLock has been spoken about on Rush Limbaugh. It has also been featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal and CNBC. I am impressed but I am more impressed with the fact that the CEO,Todd Davis, feels that his service has such security he has published his social security number!

Honestly, in today's day and age of rampant identity theft, I don't think that I could ever be so brave as to publish my social security number anywhere. I am impressed by how quickly LifeLock acted the one time that the CEO's social security number was hacked. I guess Todd Davis has a constant (and risky) guage of how the service is working....brave. :-) No wonder they offer a guarantee up to 1 million dollars if the service fails. No wonder LifeLock is America's Number 1 Identity Theft Protection Program. :-)

I have spent hours doing what LifeLock does when some misfortune has befallen one of my cards or wallet. This was stressful and I was scared that I had missed something crucial.

Among the services included are:
-ERecon....scan the internet for private info (that should not be published). This is the one that I want to try most as I am discovering that many UserID registrations are sold/compromised....so much for privacy policies. I have spent a lot of time fixing this for myself and others....and would have been happier had I found such private info sooner.
-Place/renewing fraud alerts on accounts at the credit bureaus. I think this is good as I have spent LONG periods of time on hold without getting through to do this. .
-Remove name from phone solicitation & junk mail lists (Thieves won't get your pre-approved offers)
-Replace documents when your purse or wallet is lost/stolen ("WalletLock")...another tedious task where you can forget something crucial under stress.

I will be using the code RD17 to try LifeLock free for 30 days. If I choose to keep the service, with this promo code, I will only pay 9 dollars per month. I am not sure when I can cancel this service beyond the 30 days....something I want to find out in case I decide to use some of the similar services that come as a benefit to me. -----I will be keeping readers informed as I explore this service more. :-)


ThomasLB said...

$108 per year is kind of pricey. Unless you have your money in many different bank accounts and carry multiple credit and debit cards, I think most people will be better off just keeping track of things on their own.


I have a tendency to have a lot to keep track of. I do want to try this service out....after I ask some more questions of LifeLock itself.

I used a service like this with magazines when I moved at one point. It was free to use for a certain period of time and I, unfortunately, didn't have a use for the rest of the services after....luckily it went with another service (so I didn't feel like I was cheating a company out of services/money by discontinuiing).

Anyway, I moved 21 magazines....and those were just the titles that I could think of off the top of my head. I get offered a lot of free subscriptions (no, I didn't spend that much money on magazines). The funny thing with that service was that the customer service rep did not act like it was at all unusual to be subscribed to 21 magazines. :-)


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