Sunday, June 15, 2008

In My Life.....

-----Workplace stress. I guess I am coping though. I have a new non-retail job and I don't know if I like it yet. Taking it a little at a time. My retail job was making me miserable.
-----We are going to watch Shrek the Third tonight. I am excited about this. I have heard this movie is not very good....but I reserve the right to judge for myself.
-----Last night we had steak again....I found a good price. I highly recommend Emeril's Steak Rub...though it can be a little salty at times. I am eventually going to try this Champagne Punch recipe that I found on
-----I have an obsession with seeing what cuttings I can make grow. I also experiment to see how long I can keep broken branches alive....a branch with growing leaves can be pretty for a while. I discovered that pin-oak-branches-seperated-from-the-tree do not stay alive long AT ALL and look AWFUL when they wilt. Wilted pin oak branches are embarrassing when a guest asks what they are (and thinks that it is some plant that you have failed to water).
-----I was surprised to hear that Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee are trying a relationship yet again. They must love each other a would think.
-----I hate when names and dialog are read in a monotone voice at award shows. This happened with some of the Tony Awards this evening. GROWL.....must keep from falling asleep and/or harming the television. In the end: I ended up turning the channel during a particularly boring acceptance.

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