Wednesday, June 04, 2008

In My Life.....

-----I love the commercial about literacy where all the destinations in the train station change to "Narnia."
-----For various reasons (i.e. being overworked ALL the time among other things), I have never voted. I am registered this year though I have to correct some info on the registration. I am excited. I do not know who I am voting for. This election year seems to be so important. I am not saying that it will be for the better....but I do think the winner will change this country.
-----I am concerned about the safety of whoever wins the Presidency this year. It seems to me that people/groups would have reason to harm each of the three major candidates. If I had a family at home, I don't think that I could easily assume the risk that goes with that office. I admire the courage it takes to come forward with ones political beliefs so publicly (though I don't pretend that any of the candidates are lily-white-honest).
-----I am going to get paid for my post about Social Spark. As long as it fits in with my blog and is fairly transparent in its intent, I LOVE SPONSORED BLOGGING. Social Spark even gives bonuses sometimes.....and I am going to be a good enough writer to get these at some point. :-)
-----One would think that if rain were to build up on a REGULAR BASIS...really quickly, ON A REGULAR BASIS.....causing damage/potential injuries on a REGULAR BASIS...and it were a place where there were no bodies of water nearby.....THE MODERATELY DIPPING ROAD WOULD BE REBUILT and the sewers would be improved. I detest the fact that it takes YEARS of damage or a death for some things to get fixed. This is not the first (or the last) time I will get mad about witnessing this type of idiocy. That's all I have to say about that.

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