Monday, June 16, 2008

-----Elian Gonzalez has become a Communist. I wonder what would cause him to do this and what the young man now believes. I wonder if Elian will do an interview on this at some point.
-----The Vatican bans another Dan Brown movie.


Sleepypete said...

I wonder if they'll ever figure out that banning something is the best free publicity that they could give to the film ?

I'll probably see this one, out of curiosity if nothing else. Da Vinci Code was ok but somehow seemed to be just going through the motions.


I detest the going through the motions productions. If one really wants to present an idea that they are passionate about (even in a fictional work), one should put some real enthusiasm into it. Life is too short for watching too many things that just go through the motions.

Banning something also gives free publicity to those doing the banning. When something is to be done on property that represents strong meaning to people who own it....then I say they are perfectly within their rights. If the place is not owned by the objecting party, then I say go through the legal system and see what is determined just. Yes, I know what is law is not always what is moral.

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