Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Goldyn finds..... :-)

Tonight I am looking at the fashions on "Goldyn." I have never heard of any of the designers on, this is an exciting discovery for me.There are so many pieces on the Goldyn site that I would consider buying.

I am intrigued with this yellow blouse from By Francine. I like the lines and look of it. It has some transparency but is not immodest. It is also made of silk....which I am sure makes it have beautiful color/texture. :-)

I like Charlotte Ronson because many of her pieces look both the style and condition will be useful for a while. I would wear this brown cropped leather jacket both for the look and the comfort. I have seen many brown cropped jackets in stores this year....but none were leather. I also love the details on the sleeves and back...the back details are not something I usually see in a shorter jacket.

I looked through the purses by Andrea Brueckner and did find one that would be useful to me.....this one looks functional. I wear a lot of suits that would go with this. It looks well-made and like it enables one to be efficient...two things that I look for in a wallet. I am pleased with my current wallet but I have had it for about 6 years and it is starting to show wear....tempting.

Diabless is a nice blend of casual clothing and dressier options. I like this black baby top because the decoration on the back is a nice surprise....and it is so stylish in the front. I would wear the Bettina sequin dress when I was ready for a home-cooked,romantic dinner with Husband (wouldn't want to ruin it while I was cooking).

Anyway Goldyn has something for every lifestyle. Very,very,very pretty. :-)


mousewords said...

What a fun post, I feel like we just went to the mall together! :-) Now to sit down over a Starbucks...;-)


Thanks, Mousewords. I had fun looking at the clothes. I am still making my mind up on what I want to buy on here....on the lower cost end of definitely-designer. So, they are not out of price range but would be carefully chosen "investment pieces" for me.

You are always such a nice visitor to have. :-)

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