Sunday, June 15, 2008


I have become an Obsessive Couponer (to the point that management is called up every time I check out at the grocery to ensure I am not committing some sort of fraud). I get excited about online coupons because I don't have to go through such an odd scrutiny of my money-saving efforts. On the Internet coupon sites, everyone is there to save money. Strange....but this is the reason why I like internet-couponing. has many pages that I find interesting. There are thousands of coupon codes listed!!!

Every once-in-while I find it necessary to send flowers. I was happy to see that there were coupon codes for 1-800-FLOWERS. I may find this helpful at some point. I usually send flowers pretty quickly.....mainly for funerals and sudden-romantic-gestures (to Husband). I usually pick JCPenny to send.....but I should start keeping a list of places that I might want to price check at.

I was pleased to find Blue Nile offers. Blue Nile (jewelry) always impresses me as a company that really likes to interact with its customers. I have a ring sizer that Blue Nile sent me which I use whenever I am considering a ring purchase. :-) It is nice that there are other results on the Blue Nile page, I like to look through a LOT of pieces before I consider buying jewelry.

I was surprised that BestOnlineCoupons included Ace Hardware. I find myself spending so much time at hardwares stores as of late....or at least hearing about husband's trips. I would love to skip some of these trips. :-)

Something really exciting here is free express shipping with minimum purchase. I always get excited whenever I encounter a offer like that. Shipping costs are something I just DREAD. and useful site.

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