Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Thirteen.....

-----A sober warning about Indiana Jones' fedora. This is a spoiler-free (and humorous) opinion piece.
-----This week we played Burger King's Indiana Jones Treasure Hunt game. I did manage to dig something up....but it was a box full of sand.
-----Star Wars collector gives a tour of his private museum.

-----Keeping the family and friends of Maria Sue Chapman (daughter of Steven Curtis Chapman) in my thoughts/prayers. Maria was only 5 and died in a tragic accident this week.
-----Dick Martin, one of the hosts of "Laugh-In" has also passed away. One of the many things that I didn't know about him was that he directed "Family Ties."

3. "Wall of Fears." Bush is on this wall. Who would be on your Wall of Fears???

4. The GREAT joy of a new career:
I have a new job....a real job that I enjoy very much. Those of you who read my blog on a regular basis may know that Retail was causing me MUCH emotional pain due to comments/actions regarding my eyesight problem (kind of like lazy eye). I now feel valued and appreciated. :-)

5. Still being attacked by Nigerian,etc. spammers....though I know nothing that I have done to incur their wrath. 21 of 50 emails were all "lottery winner/help me by letting me send you money" messages. :-(

6. Happiness can be partly hereditary???

7. Couple will be going to McDonald's as a part of the wedding festivities.

8. Recipe for spinach pesto. Tip from my experiences: When buying pesto at the grocery store, check the expiration date...pesto doesn't get purchased as often as us pasta-lovers might think.


Gwindor by ~RobertaScalvini on deviantART

10. A gift card to a GUN shop with your new car purchase?

11. Can one be allergic to Wi-Fi signals and can they be a form of discrimination?

12. Nude flight is canceled.

13. Jackie Chan wants to make a movie about the Chinese earthquake.

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Omykiss said...

hello bluest ... I'm here via Michele ... I used to get the nigerian spammers .. but they seem to have moved on .... now I get weightwatchers and rolex watches .... The other day I was offered a degree from a NON-registered university with the added incentive of no classes ... I was tempted for a second ;)

Sleepypete said...

I get the spammers here too - I think they're able to scan web pages looking for emails. They acquired my iceangel.mercs@ one fairly quickly (from my profile) and they've had my true email address for far longer. They've probably picked up your's from the "Non-spammers can reach me at ..." in the side bar.

I think the true one got passed on via someone at work being an evil scumbag. The spam started coming in to work several years after we'd changed around the emails - how does that happen unless someone in the IT area passed on a cd with all the emails on ?


WOW....on the no classes part, Omykiss. :-)


I would be very UPSET if my work were giving out my e-mail address.

I am sure that they did get my e-mail address from the sidebar. I had thought of that. I don't want to take it down as it has done me a lot of good to have it there. It still makes me upset as I used to get NO spam at that address.

kenju said...

I didn't know Martin directed Family Ties either. Wow. The things we learn.....LOL. Thanks. Michele sent me.


Thanks for visiting, Kenju. It is always nice to have you here. :-)

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