Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. Some doctors claim that they have a complete cure for Patrick Swayze's cancer??? I don't know what to think of that....I guess that if I were that sick, I would try one of these treatments if there were not too dire a risk involved (compared to the dire prognosis already given). If one of these treatments works, it will be very helpful to the doctor and country that offers it. Anyway....I would LOVE to see Mr. Swayze well enough to be in the sequel to Point Break.

2. The skillet method for roasting coffee beans is NOT easy but I am going to try it.

3. Are you for or against the California ruling allowing gay marriage? Do you think this ruling will stick and does it represent the will of the American people?

4. Husband and Cousin are playing video games lately that make booming sounds when there are explosions. I think they have the XBox controllers set up to vibrate and recoil. As I blog lately, I get to listen to the reverberations of cannon explosions. Glad they are having fun. :-)

5. I have become the target of "lottery" spammers. I am getting an UNUSUAL amount of these spam e-mails. I wonder how I attracted so much attention.

6. Razor-wire installed at U.S. border

7. the lowest gas price in your area. Gasbuddy is looking for price spotters (you can possibly win prizes for participating).

Bloggers' Rights at EFF

-----Mothers & More..."a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of mothers through support, education and advocacy. We address mothers’ needs as individuals and members of society, and promote the value of all the work mothers do."
-----Working Mother Magazine
-----Blue Star Mothers of America...."We are mothers who now have, or have had, children honorably serving in the military. We are a non-profit (501[c]3) service organization supporting each other and our children while promoting patriotism."

10. New Kids on the Block reunite and will be touring the U.S. in September.

11. Can you pass the President's Adult Fitness Test?

12. Ted Kennedy has been hospitalized....possibly two seizures.

13. Wizard Coin Supply -particularly of interest to me is the free information that is provided on the site about how to clean coins. I am going to add Wizard Coin Supply to my favorites in Stumble Upon. :-)

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