Monday, May 19, 2008

The steel building in our future.....

We have talked of putting a steel building in the backyard....a nice workshop on the bottom with extra bedrooms on the top attached to the of the ideas we have been kicking around for expansions. :-)

This morning I have been looking at Steel Buildings (particularly from I take particular interest in this because it is a pretty big deal to put a building in one's yard (ours will likely be permanent and I am hoping aesthetically pleasing).

Husband is always talking about how cost-effective Steel Buildings are...we have even looked at buying one for the home of my future coffee shop! I was surprised that Olympia Buildings even has clearance specials.

Another thing that I found surprising was that steel buildings are stronger than conventional buildings. I guess that I shouldn't have been surprised...given how well many sky-scrapers are constructed. I would think that these inexpensive buildings might be very helpful if one is thinking of quakes (and one should...we even had one here in the Midwest were one doesn't normally think of such-but SHOULD).

Perhaps we should all live in steel buildings. :-) There seems to be no end to the amount of maintenance that one is investing in with a regular building. Steel building are pretty much maintenance-free. You wouldn't have to worry about rusting either,of course (and the prefab buildings from Olympia come with that you don't even have to worry about that part).

Olympia seems like a very credible company to go with for Steel Buildings:
"Flexible building design, professional engineering, top commercial grade U.S. steel, 25-year warranty protection, over 30 years of experience, and 100% American steel make us your number one choice for pre-engineered steel buildings and metal building systems."
As long as the warranty is easily enforcable, I put my trust in companies that are willing to stand up for their reputation so strongly. I am impressed with Olympia thus far and look forward to seeing a steel building(s) someday in my future. :-)

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