Thursday, May 15, 2008

Like a Magical Treasure Trove for Numismatists.....

I was extremely excited when I discovered Wizard Coin Supply this week! Wizard sells to both dealers and the public. The selection of products is many albums, holders, storage accessories, etc. There are even products geared towards the needs of children!

Wizard offers some pretty deep discounts and they have a price match guarantee. This company is emerging as a leader in the wholesale coin supply arena. It is not surprising that Wizard Coin Supply is becoming an industry leader...with the price match guarantee that means that you will NEVER PAY MORE.

Wizard carries all of the leading brandnames.... Dansco,Intercept,Saflip,Shield,Whitman ,etc. The company has all of the essentials (coin cases, coin holders,price guides,etc.) and many of the popular coin-collecting books. There are items for all levels...from the fledgling State Quarter collector to the meticulous coin archivist.

I can see, through their detailed listings, that Wizard recognizes the extreme importance of storage and display-adding to the perceived value and improving the appearance of a coin collection. There is even a full line of items for making a custom album when you have your own particular needs.

A unique feature of Wizard Coin Supply's site fits beautifully into the magic theme (and adds great customer service)...."Invisible Products." The items that are not imaged yet or currently in stock are still available! Invisible products are those that can still be obtained quickly from the manufacturer or one of Wizard's Suppliers. Wizard will even attempt to track down supplies that can't be found on their site. Obviously, this is a company that is dedicated to finding what the customer wants.

Wizard Coin Supply seems very dedicated to being well-staffed and super-knowledgeable....easily able to handle volume orders and cheerfully offering to answer questions. I am sure that the passion that the staff puts into their own collections comes through loud-and-clear in every customer interaction. It is great that the staff also collects coins themselves....nothing is more of a pain when dealing with a store than trying to explain ones needs to an associate who doesn't have even a vague idea about the product. (This last comment reminds me of my many nightmare trips to the hardware store...but we won't talk about that right now).

When examining the Wizard website, I was happy to note that there was an actual Customer Service category (and it went past all my expectations for the standard Frequently-Asked-Questions section). My favorite feature in the Customer Service section of the website was "How to Clean Coins." I could easily see myself ruining my favorite coins without this advice. I have a Mercury dime that I am particularly fond of which I wouldn't want to ruin. :-)

I will, at some future date, be figuring out how much my meager little coin collection is worth. I was glad to see that the Customer Service section offered advice on how to actually figure out the value of what you have collected.

Collecting coins takes dedication and efficiency. I think that Wizard is a company that manages to almost magically grow with the needs of the lifelong Numismatist.

This was a sponsored post that I was very happy to write. :-)
P.S. If you haven't figured it out already, a "numismatist" is a coin collector. :-)
P.P.S. I love newsletters. There is a mailing list that one can sign up for in the settings of their individual online account. :-)


Adi said...

My grandmom gave me the coins she had saved from when she was a kid (that being a long while back). India was still under British rule back then and so all these coins have pictures of british monarchs on them... Childhood was fun :-)

It is very nice to have met you too! :-) I do quite admire the Shameless Lions Writing Circle (am hoping to be inducted myself).. Nice blog you've got here... quite an intersting read :-)


Thank you, Adi. Enjoy your coin collection....that's a special thing to have. :-)

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