Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More stuff in my life.....

"Court Finds Dell Guilty of Fraud." I have a Dell and I have never noticed any deceptive behavior of any kind. To the best of my knowledge, other than the quality of adapter wires, my experience with them has always been EXCEPTIONAL.


Brandie said...

I agree with you - we have dells and have always had wonderful, fast service! We've even had a tech guy at our house twice to fix the computer (under warranty so no payment from us) because of the kids not taking care of the computer as they should!

Now, I had to deal with apple when I (accidentally) broke my sister's laptop screen - and it was a nightmare seriously. The day we were (finally) done I told them I would never willingly buy an apple based on my experience with them!


I have that Dell extended warranty, too. Three years of them coming to my house to fix it if something goes wrong-that makes me feel secure.

Another thing I don't like is that the battery has a tendency to heat up (not under recall). Husband bought me a cooling pad (fans) for this as part of our Tax Incentive usage.


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