Monday, May 05, 2008


Looking around on Ceiling Fan Warehouse's site. We are always shopping around for ceiling fans for the living room but haven't seen one that totally satisfies our needs yet. The criteria for us: easy to clean (ceiling fan dust is particularly gross),small (as we have a wall that comes out in the area we want to put it), and close to the ceiling (as one frequent houseguest is tall and I tend to swing my arms around expressively and/or get myself in unusual klutzy situations).

Given ourCeiling fan requirements, I have looked at children's fans....but they are all usually themed or the wrong color...though I suppose we could paint one. The painting would have to be a neutral color as I don't want a ceiling fan to be the focal point of a room.

I do find some of the Hunter ceiling fans elegant....makes me almost want to get one. I think that I will likely go with an
Emerson Ceiling Fan when we finally get ready to purchase one (we have to figure out what will work with our ceilings).

Then, of course, we will have to figure out what to paint on the fan....I am sure that we will end up painting something on it. What would be fascinating to watch on a ceiling fan? :-)

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