Monday, May 26, 2008

Browsing through

I have been browsing through while watching "Tomb Raider." :-)

Coupons for Dell, Best Buy,Circuit City,Expedia,Macy's,Office Depot,Orbitz and Target are among the highlights on this site.

I am most interested in the Dell Coupons. I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 (that is a duo core laptop). I enjoy my computer very much and try to keep it in the best condition possible. It is around two years old now though and I have had to start replacing some things. I had to get both my first new battery and adapter for this laptop recently and it would have helped if some coupon were available. The new battery was $185.00!!!

Another thing of particular interest to me are the discount deals on Acuvue, Freshlook, Focus and O2 Optix lenses. I am a good candidate for contacts but have given up long ago on trying to get them into my eyes. I do know a lot of people though that could be helped by saving money on their contacts.

I can always use discounts on items carried at Office Depot. I spend way too much on office products....well, correct that I did. We have a laser printer now and that means that it will print 10,000 sheets (give or take) before we have to get new ink. I spend way too much on paper now! Office Depot is one of those places that you can go for months without having to visit and need something expensive. Hopefully, I will be well-armed with coupon codes for my next Office-Depot-help-me-please emergency situation.

Anyway....take a look around on the BestOnlineCoupons site and see if something there can be helpful to you. :-)


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Sleepypete said...

I think with the list of things that's going faulty on this laptop, it'll be cheaper to buy a new one !

Keyboard still works but trackpad, dvd drive, battery, screen are having issues. At least I'm not torturing it any more by running Seti on it :-)


When too much goes wrong on this laptop...I will buy a new one. I am lucky in that the payments for the computer and various maintenance have been VERY minimal. The only other thing wrong with this laptop is that I have worn the writing off a few of the keys-I type a LOT.

An injury to my wanting to have the best product possible (that did all that I needed) was that the Quad Core laptops came out early...very early. My computer was more obsolete two weeks after I got it...two weeks! I thought about returning it but had already put some small wear on it....and gotten attached to it. Yes, I am attached to my laptop...or at least comfortable with it. :-)

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