Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. I think that it says something disgusting about our world when Patrick Swayze has to fly into a private ex-Navy base to travel to cancer treatments. Does the media (in general) not even think about common decency anymore? I doubt that the people who are hounding him would like the same treatment were the situation reversed.

2. Pretty:
Half Moon Beads
Fire Mountain Gems
Auntie's Beads

3.Tragedy is a metal Bee Gees Tribute of Staying Alive (at the bottom of the post). Motown Mutt pointed this out and it really brightened my day to experience a new take on a great song.

4. I just signed up for Club Jungle's newsletter and a free sample of their "Start Right" water conditioner. I want to start having tropical fish again. I especially would like to have ghost shrimp favorites. :-)

5.The Auto Channel talks about how Volvo is launching its first hybrid garbage trucks

6. Second Life wants to have a trademark on the word "GRID?"

7. I occasionally write about Willie Wonka (the 1971 cast)...this makes me the number one result for "Willie's Hobby Store"...odd world.

8. A bit about the new Meatloaf documentary

9. Agree or agree with the final verdict on Celebrity Apprentice???

10. First Muse interesting way to meet one's goals. I had an epiphany week as far as goals....something that I can't really put into words but it was emotionally immense for me.

11. Campbell's Community....forums for talking about soup recipes and so on. I made this discovery last year around the same time that I discovered the Spinach and Egg Mold...which I have still not dared to brave. :-)

12. America Walks...a group dedicated to making walkable communities here in the U.S.? How safe do you feel walking in your community (and in your own neighborhood)? Do you have a neighborhood watch or the like???

13. I have really wanted to do something for some aspect of a Prayer Shawl Ministry but I don't know that much about sewing correctly. Today it suddenly hit me....maybe I could do something that was no-sew. I wonder if I could do something as a help to those who are imprisoned.....maybe a cloth to store a Bible or other religious text upon.

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Carmi said...

Your #1 is extremely timely. The so-called entertainment media has descended to a level of decency akin to that of a pack of wolves. I can't watch any of it anymore - just the tone of the voices of the "reporters" makes me want to barf.

And yet the market continues to grow. Go figure. I guess people are dumber than we thought they were.



TMZ and the Enquirer are the most pertinent examples I can think of right now off the top of my head. One "reporter" thought that a car accident was "good" and another is covering "the last days" of Patrick Swayze.

Then, of course, there are the reporters who discuss the bad points of a person's legacy before they are even dead or when they have just died. Some of the reporters go even further by writing about the bad people in the person's family....when the person themselves was a good person. I write these reporters letters when it is particularly INAPPROPRIATE....I get ignored.

I saw a LOT of inappropriate stories when Tammy Faye Bakker was sick.

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