Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen....


2. I would love to hear your you think it was appropriate to boo President Bush when he pitched at the World Series?

3. Added to the Blogroll: "Kongestu"

4. Wal-Mart to make T-shirts from recycled plastic. The recycling efforts and concept are great....I just wish that the slogans weren't so cheesy.

5. Richard Gere speaks out on China's treatment of Tibet (with a video interview on the matter)

6. Boycotting specific gas companies (instead of all gas)....and on more than just one that MIGHT WORK to bring the gas prices down! For those of us that aren't switching to walking or mass transit...try that. :-)

7. Friday's History:

8. I have been listening to Morning 40 Federation's "God Help Me" a lot lately.
God help me to love Dick Cheney.
But God help me I don't love them.
God help me to love George W.
But God help me I don't love them.

Or something to that far as the words go. An addictive song....great beat and social commentary.

9. Charlton Heston died. (April 5)


11. India's kidney transplant crisis
"Those who can afford treatment, live. The others die. They have no other option."


13. Video to Cish Cash by Basement Jaxx. It's like a kaleidoscope with tanks. I am a fan of both the video and the song.

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Sleepypete said...

I caught just enough of the baseball to hear the booing ... I've got no great respect for George Dubya but I was disappointed to hear him get boo'd.

Leave the politics off the ball park ! :-)


You are the first person that I have seen show disapproval.

Sleepypete said...

There's probably 2 things at work there :

Distance - here in the UK we only get touched by part of the policies in place in the US, so we don't get to develop as much antipathy to the personalities. However, if I saw El Presidente Blair at an event I'd probably boo and if I saw Mr Brown, I'd definitely boo :-) Got a better idea of what they've been getting up to ;-)

Crowd instinct - people in a crowd tend to follow what the crowd does. They don't really want to be seen not going with the herd in case the crowd turns its attention to them ... Human nature I guess ...

Sara said...

Hello, Michele sent me to say hope your day is great.

You had some interesting things to talk about here on your 13...

Is it right to boo the President - well, no! But, we don't have a president that we can trust or respect...and I think that is where they felt they could boo him.

:-) 2009-06-11 daily 0.5 2009-06-11 daily 0.5