Thursday, April 10, 2008

Seascape Lamps

Looking at the 2008 collection by Seascape Lamps. Seascape offers a lot of contemporary home lighting....but also offers lamps that are suitable for businesses.

Being that I want to start a coffee shop, one of the lighting options that is of interest to me is the pendant light fixture. These can be customized a bit....logos and such. It is at least worth looking at to start out with....lower cost than some of the light fixtures that would be my ideal (I am way to into chandeliers). :-)

For a modern-day chandelier, I am somewhat fond of the "Cosmo lamp"....shiny and functional (mirrored mylar). This one still allows for some customization-Seascape does about 90% of their light manufacturing in-house.

-----Gaby-Ly Ivory Lamp....aesthetically interesting though I would have a hard time keeping this one clean. I would be interested to see what the Sapphire Blue color looks like in person...a nice light blue from the look of the online swatch. Crinkled silk....:-)
-----Green Leaves Lamp....kind of abstract impression of leaves. Pretty colors...unique and I think would work well with a dark floor. :-) I am overwhelmed. I have always heard people say that shelving,display units,etc. were one of the most complex parts of starting a business. I think that lighting is a BIG start-up component too....perhaps, I will have someone at a company like Seascape help with some of the customization/installation ideas when I go to open my own business instead of trying to put together all the components myself. :-)


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Michele sent me tonight to say that you have chosen a very exciting and daunting project!
I wish you much good luck with this Coffee Shop Idea....!
All those fixtures are very very interesting!


Thank you.....a lot of people are telling me that it is a daunting idea lately. Dream big....and act to make your dreams come true. I am not intimidated.....well, usually.

I think they are pretty neat....I didn't like everything by Seascape but I definitely thought the lamps that I wrote about were visually interesting.

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