Monday, April 07, 2008

In My Life...

-----We just got done Beta-testing Joffrey's "Jamaiccan Me Crazy" coffee this morning. This was excellent. I am not a drinker of coffee without some additives....but husband thoroughly enjoyed it plain and I tried it that way by sipping (it would make a good sipping coffee for me). The smell was absolutely awesome....when we opened the package it smelled kind of like caramel. Going on the Joffrey's beta-testing site, I found out that my nose was correct...caramel,vanilla and coffee liqueur. :-) Not a hint of bitterness. Amazingly, for me, I did not need milk or creamer....this was SO GOOD with my five teaspoonfuls of sugar. Easily, among the best coffees that I have had in a long time. Jamaiccan Me Crazy passed one of my important tests...I didn't mind the smell of my skin or lips afterwards....Folgers has never passed this test for me. :-)The beta period is still open as I type this....get/enjoy/blog free coffee.
-----Getting the taxes done today. Not nearly as complicated as last year....thank goodness. Not nearly as expensive either....not going to one of those big, commercialized tax firms (like H & R Block). Choose your tax person carefully, last year we spent several DAYS with an idiot who kept confirming the stupidest things about whether he was doing things right (by making SERIES of calls to co-workers)...I could never tell if he was sincere about wanting to save us money or just bumbling and trying to get paid for more "work." Last year's accountant puzzled me. This year we are going to a private CPA with more experience and a lower cost. I wish I felt confident enough to do my own taxes.

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