Sunday, April 13, 2008

Buying office products is painful to me....might as well try to save some money.

Browsing through today. Among other things this site contains Office Depot,Staples and Office Max coupon codes....thus making it easier for me to comparison shop the available deals for whatever supply I am looking for. With a little forethought, I could save some serious money....I tend to let the office supply purchases go until I am DESPERATE.

I have too many organizer products that I still need to use up right now....but I have always dreamed of purchasing a Franklin Covey organizer when I think about getting super-organized. Perhaps then I would schedule out when I need to get new ink or paper instead of the emergency run to the ever-despised Wal-Mart in the wee hours of the morning. :-)

Vistaprint is also listed on here....they are always sending me offers to try their business cards but I have never taken them up on this. I really should get cards done at some point....even in the networking stages of opening a business, I suppose it is good for one to have business cards. Eventually, I think that I should make a virtual business card and scan it into my sidebar. :-) Anyway back to Vistaprint.....they have a variety of deals listed on the OfficeDeals page right now.

Right now, we primarily use the laser printer (black-and-white but produces approximately 6000 pages before we have to purchase a new cartridge...and purchased surplus for only 5 dollars!!!). If we have to do more color printing in the future though, I will be taking a look at the discount inkjet printer cartridge for use with our other printer (the one that is used so little it usually doubles as a tabletop). :-)

Aside from ink and so on, I could browse through the Best Buy listings in an effort to satisfy my entertainment needs....if I ever get the time to go to Best Buy (I have been there so few times this past year and I used to be there ALL the time).


Carmi said...

If you need color, take a closer look at color laser printers. The per-page cost of color inkjets is phenomenally high - lasers are much, much less expensive, and pay for themselves even faster than the monochrome variety.

Trust me. This is what I do.

Dropped by from Michele to hopefully save you a bit of money.


We have a color laser in mind.....just other priorities first. We go to office stores and compare prices often for when we make that purchase. :-)

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