Monday, March 10, 2008

Westboro at the Eve Carson and Lauren Burk Funerals???

Westboro Baptist Church protests at the funerals of two slain college students (Eve Carson and Lauren Burk). I am not sure I understand-was this a protest???...did the reporter properly label what was going on?

Or where the Westboro people trying to make a statement? Not many protests only have four people and I haven't seen any indication that the students themselves were engaging in any homosexual activity (what Westboro often protests).

Was it like NIU???...a protest of the individual universities' past actions....I haven't seen any indication of that.

I want to look more into the logic behind choosing this event to protest.

I am a Christian of the "Hate the Sin but Not the Sinner" kind...of the "Be in the World But Not of The World" kind. I don't think that violence or violating the laying to rest of others is going to change behavior that I disapprove of. The people who are going to be judged...will be God, not me. I am sure that God still punishes/teaches people in this world...but I am not qualified to interpret/assume that is occuring. The best thing that I can do to help people is to set a Loving Example and try to explain myself in a compassionate manner (when it seems appropriate).

I rarely get this blunt about how I feel on such issues. I would just like to know more of why there was a "protest"...because I may disagree totally with the choice to do so. I don't have a say in this church's decisions.....but I think that Love would be more effective-not angry parenting.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging....where I sometimes talk to other human beings who happen to be homosexual (and maybe even accepting of Christ).


ThomasLB said...

The "church" consists of Fred Phelps and three family members. It's a "church" in the same way that Charles Manson had a "family."

There is no doubt in my mind that Fred Phelps is in urgent need of psychiatric care.


When a group professes to be a church,they should be concerned about their effect on the innocent.

Anonymous said...

The Houston Astros hat that Eve Carson's killer was wearing does have a gang affiliation. The “H” logo pays homage to Larry Hoover who was in various incarnations of the Black Gangster Disciples, which he founded. Throughout the 60’s Hoover created alliances and “nations” of gangs in the Chicago area. Lemaricus Davidson, the lead "accused" black slayer of Channon Christian and Chris Newsome was also a BGD-- and we know what THAT means--the murder of Eve Carson could not POSSIBLY have been racially motivated--lol.


VIDEO about her white-ribboned "memorial"-



Anonymous said...

there is a link on the westboro website (i can't bring myself to type the url here). if you search "lauren berk" on their site you can find a press release they issued for the protest.


Thank you to both anonymous (or the same...whatever) readers for giving me something new to look at in this. I will look at it as soon I am back on my own computer. I was trying to see a "video" of the protest, listed among the Google News results,when I quickly discovered that it wasn't a I have a horrendous rogue spyware problem (that I have spent hours eradicating).

Ed_AADB said...

If I may correct ThomasLB, Westboro Baptist Church (Cult) consists of 70-120 members mostly from 3 different families. They are a group of some of the sickest minds in the U.S. today. is a site that is dedicated to exposing Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church for what they are. Dig around a bit; if you think they bother you now... your in for a shock.

Anonymous said...

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