Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. "What the Internet Looked Like in 1995" When did you first start going online?

2. As many of you have probably read, Patrick Swayze has pancreatic cancer. There is an an experimental surgery available...I wonder what the risks are. I would do this if the risks were minimal and I felt that my celebrity might help advance ways to treat the article says, Patrick would be a walking billboard for the procedure if it works. Anyway....I hope he still exercises some caution in choosing procedures and that he is able to pull through this. Ordered books arrive quickly...and I am sure it is better for the environment. A selection of blogs and access to Wikipedia is included. I really want a Kindle. :-)

3. Who do you think you will be voting for? I am still undecided.

4. Truffuls...I could make a beautiful Christmas tree with these. :-)

5. Food,Beer and Buffoonery of the latest blogs I have discovered. Looks interesting thus far.

6. Sent off a letter to the winner of my first Blog Giveaway. The gentlemen who read my blog are able to win the remaining fairy print...I don't know which one yet. Gentlemen are welcome to leave a comment anywhere on this blog saying that they would like to be entered. :-)

7. "Rainbow" iceberg...from the description of what the different colors mean, this iceberg has been through a lot.


Very neat. If you don't know, it's basically a wireless e-book reader. There are no monthly fees because Amazon takes care of the connection (and it operates off a different kind of there is no need to find a "hotspot"). The Kindle has "electronic paper", so it looks like a real book when you are reading it (a good innovation because I usually find e-books annoying to read).

9. My Kiva investment is coming along well. The woman who I am helping to fund managed to pay off 17% of her loan in the first month. Kiva is a program to fund micro-businesses....many lenders come together to give as little as 25 dollars.

10. Woman in a boat is killed when a LARGE (if the hat versus stingray photo is any indicator) stingray jumps out of the water...emphasis is being placed on the fact that stingrays do not attack humans.

11. Do you think the drinking age should be lowered to 18? I think there should be actual alcohol education programs in matter what the drinking age.

12. Precautions for cleaning up after broken low-energy light bulbs (and proper disposal)....there is mercury in them.

13. Half Moon Beads


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2. Chanpheng
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scooper said...

I love the idea of Kiva. I watched a documentary about it last year and posted on it, but I've yet to participate. It is definitely on my to do list this year.

chanpheng said...

The internet in 1995 was something. I had gotten my first desktop computer in 1993 and was surprised by how powerful it was - 256 mb storage and 4 megs of RAM! Even PDA's are better these days. Even with the boring ways message boards were displayed and the length of time to get gopher files, I longed for those good old days when I moved to SE Asia and had to dial long distance to Bangkok to get e-mail. In 1998, we had a text based e-mail service from Bangkok and finally got an internet service in my country in 2000. It was dial up. Since 2003, we've had broadband.

It's amazing all these developments and in such a short amount of time.


I was lucky enough to win a gift was on my TO-DO list,too. Kiva has received a lot of endorsements and news coverage. I am glad that they are doing well. I hope that you do get to investing. I will definitely be re-investing the 25 dollars (and, at some point,more).


Chanpheng- really is amazing. Thank you for sharing your Internet memories. I love the internet...I look at it as my library where I can find almost anything.

Karen said...

What a great spin on TT. Good, thought provoking list.

nicholas said...

I never set eyes on the internet until 1998 but now I can't imagine going a day without it. When I first got online I used dial-up and my computer had 2GB memory. And I thought it was all pretty hot!

The drinking age of 21 is absurd. I think only Pakistan has the same age. I like the way it is in countries like, say, Italy, where there is no drinking age and children are educated by family how to enjoy alcohol. As for arresting 18 year olds for drinking beer in their own homes -- how pathetic is that?


Thank you, Karen. My Thirteen's are usually things that I find of note through the week. :-) Thirteen's make me happy.

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