Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. The Taliban has pressured Afghan cell phone companies into a 5pm curfew. The lack of ability to make emergency phone calls would make me look into intense efforts of moving to another country. Won't this make the phone companies fail if the lengthy time cell phones are not allowed continues???

-----Sometimes, a rug is the best revenge.
-----Dictionaries can be a pretty good just desserts
, too. :-)

3. If I remember correctly, this is the video that originally got me interested in Eepybird. In addition to the geysers, I was intrigued by the music (which I intend to investigate more).

4. From Eepybird, I learned about this juggler...who has juggled since he has a baby. Shane Miclon....impressive. I wish Shane luck with his juggling career. :-)
Shane is an apprentice juggler to Fritz, the bearded gentleman in the video that I have in number 3 on this list. :-)

5. I detest having sinus problems and need to find some natural ways to combat them...I took medicine today after going to bed not feeling well from them and sleeping until 7:12pm (Thursday). Plus I have a cold or flu...I often seem to get that along with sinus issues. Grumble,grumble,grumble....well, more like a pathetic moan instead of grumbling as I am under the weather. :-(

6. A Christian/Industrial/Rock musician named Eowyn is having problems. Her and her husband seem like really neat people. Anyway...they are having tour bus problems....last I heard they were stuck somewhere near/in Colorado and had already had to cancel some appearances. Anyone able to help??? Maybe someone online can get them to some of the tour stops listed on her MySpace...I don't know how many people have to get to the various venues....thought it was worth a try to mention it though.
UPDATE: Amazingly someone has sent a large amount to help with the bus...more help may be the least thoughts and will be a bit before this tour gets underway again.



What happens to all the fish afterward? From the preservation efforts, I would assume that at least some of them are thrown out...if not all of them. Having an I-probably-disapprove-of-an-art-piece-moment.

9. Reading about a new t-shirt company called Springleap. I love t-shirt favorite being Threadless right now. Springleap caught my attention after finding someone who worked there on Twitter. It is a company based out of South Africa and,from what I can tell, it shares royalties for the t-shirts that they choose to print. Intriguing. This lengthy interview explains how Springleap will may be empowering for South Africa. The world needs more start-up companies with a vision of not only providing a service but helping the part of the world in which they live. :-)

10. Hong Kong schools closed due to flu outbreak. I wish that more care were taken during major flu outbreaks here in the U.S. Maybe I am just bitter because I have gotten sick so many times this year due to having people cough directly at me without covering their mouths....I am sick like this once a month anymore (including the start of it as I type). In the city where I live, no one seems concerned that they are passing it around to everyone...there is almost a cavalier attitude about one cares that some of us get sicker than others.

11. We are doing more on a butterfly garden this year and now I want to be a home orchardist. I think the two would go together beautifully. :-) For the flowers, we are looking at getting a lot of heirloom seeds from Seed Savers Exchange.
I think the fruit trees will likely come from Burpees. Speaking of fruit trees, I am still cheering for the mulberry tree that my mother gave me (which someone vandalized last year).

12. Madonna and Mellencamp...two radically different inductions into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I was lucky enough to see Mellencamp perform once....from a really good seat. I am hoping to go to Atlanta next year to see the musical that Mellencamp and Stephen King are working on.

13. Besides Thursday Thirteen, what is your favorite blogging activity????? This week I have been participating in the Ultimate Blog Party....I am excited about this because I am having MY FIRST BLOG GIVEAWAY (a fairy print....last day to enter is the's a womens' only party but I will also be having a drawing for the men with last day to enter being the 21st).

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Janet said...

ahhhh, I loved Eowyn in the LOTR movies!


The musician is named after that character...her parents loved the movie. :-)

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