Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thursday Thirteen


I am obsessed with I am obsessed with pico de gallo. :-)
For those opposed to cilantro, currently has 1,841 members. In the forum you can even find alternatives for recipes that are normally "cilantro-infested."


Not one I will ever be trying. I am squeamish about chicken blood...let alone BLOOD-sucking fish.

3. Jeff Healey guestbook....leave a few thoughts. I had really wanted to see him perform in my lifetime. A unique and strong-willed person.

4. Apparently, Ron Paul is dropping out of the presidential race.

5. I have lost 15 pounds this past year!!!
I have hypothyroidism/inflamed thyroid/goiter problems. My medicine is FINALLY starting to work (didn't before despite rigorous efforts). Maybe I won't have to have parts of my thyroid removed after all. Excited...but waiting for blood tests to see if I have to take more medicine.

6. Our Thursday this week is the anniversary of the fall of the Alamo.

7. Von Maur...lower your prices. You are ridiculous. This has been a personal rant after seeing a quilted jacket with a bottom that DIDN'T match at all upon close inspection...$319.00!!!...and my husband couldn't control the fact that he openly laughed in scorn at the price. You did provide some humor during my stressful and long trek to the endocrinologist....maybe the humor is worth me coming back to LAUGH MORE (but I won't be buying that bright red-on-red quilted jacket with the navy lycra shirt hanging out underneath).

8. St. Patrick's Day coming up. Apparently, one bar is banning the singing of "Danny Boy" and another place is holding a marathon of it...NEITHER seems like the thing to do.

9. Desktop Tower Defense....easy and FREE game. I am starting to get the hang of it and getting good at strategy. :-)
Have fun playing.

10. Missed Celebrity Apprentice this week. I am hoping that Omarosa, who makes speculations about peoples' personal lifes, is fired.


Chris | Live Tech Support | Video Help | Add to iTunes
Chris Pirillo unboxing the Apple "Time Capsule"....makes me wish I didn't have a Dell (or that Dell had something similar).

12. Reminder: Back up your computer files.

13. I will be giving away a prize at "The Ultimate Blog Party." I hope the winner enjoys.

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1. Chanpheng
2. Tink (as usual, I love the name....I am a Tinkerbell fan)
3. Colleen
4. Pete
5. Anthony
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chanpheng said...

Funny list. I'm impressed by the Lamprey. I've eaten some strange stuff in my life but I don't think I could deal with this on my plate!


I couldn't either....especially if it smelled like blood.

Tink said...

Quite some interesting stuff in your list! Congrats on the weight loss. I have thyroid problems too, so I'm with you right there.
Thanks for visiting my inspiring people TT!

colleen said...

I recently interviewed a young girl named Coriander and also love cilantro. I enjoyed your list, though #8 was funny.


Thank you (and I enjoyed your post). The thyroid issues really get me when I get stressed...I am usually not feeling well after a doctor's appointment (like today). When I get cold or have a "thyroid storm" is the body is doing both today. I wish you luck with having the best control that you can of your thyroid issues.


Thanks for visiting. I am going to post cilantro recipes in the least links and, probably, some pico-de-gallo-making-blogging (yes, I make my own terms using hyphens all the time).

I like the song "Danny Boy" but don't think that I could take HOURS of it.

Sleepypete said...

Didn't do the sporty one this week but I've got one prepared for next week :-)

The gaming world lost one of its pioneers on Monday, so this week's 13 is in honour of Gary Gygax.

PS That tower game is likely to be on system for a while ;-)

anthonynorth said...

A good, varied list, there.


Thank you, Anthony. :-)

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