Monday, March 17, 2008

T-Shirt News

-----Threadless is having its Spring Cleaning Sale. T-Shirts from $9.00! I get excited every time I recognize a Threadless t-shirt when out and about...and that recognition is starting to occur more often. :-)
-----Excited about Springleap....which is in beta right now. Springleap is a community/T-shirt creating site like Threadless. They already have a submission kit available. The company is hoping to be beneficial to the people of South Africa.
-----I am searching so that I can sign up to be an affiliate for Snorg. I only like certain,non-sexual-themed T-shirts of this as Star Wars t-shirts. The world can never have too many Star Wars t-shirts. UPDATE: Found them and sent off an application. :-) Also, glad to note that they don't allow adult, I don't have to worry about T-shirt content getting too provocative. :-)
Now...I wait.

How obsessed with T-Shirts am I:
-If a sentimental t-shirt wears out, I will cut out the picture to put on a bulletin board. If someone else's sentimental T-shirt wears out and I catch word that they are going to throw it out, I will endeavor to obtain it so I can cut out the picture (to decorate something or other).
-T-shirts are my standard wardrobe choice if any kind of depressed or mopey.
-Strong believer in my philosophy...the best t-shirt is a free T-shirt.
-I am constantly looking at sites that tell of ways to modify T-shirts. :-)

This was post 42 for the month....a new thing that I am now marking on my blog. Welcome to my inaugural Post 42 (you are welcome to adopt the idea but please give me credit). 42 is my fave number.....Douglas Adams fans will know why.


Bernard Ramsey said...

What a cool site. I'm a t-shirt fanatic too! Thanks for the link. If I order, I'll send you a shout. The last that I ordered were from


I have seen some neat shirts on Cafepress. I am slowly reconstructing my blog list and memory fuzzy....but there are some neat hand-drawn shirts by various artists on there. I am not sure if I have the right name but Nick Lemos springs to mind.

It's nice that I am not getting made fun of for liking T-shirts. My favorite has a gorilla on it....a preservationist T-shirt.


I looked it up Mike Lemos, illustrator/graphic designer. I don't remember if he was an artist that I like on CafePress.....still talented-in the toy industry and so on. :-)

Omykiss said...

Hi bluest ... I agree. 42 is THE number .... we have this in our bathroom ....
'The sun is shining
Life is beautiful
The answer is 42
Don't worry about the question.'


*Laughs and Smiles* at OMyKiss. My copy of Hitchhiker's Guide is falling apart...I just open it up and randomly read...often. The constant humor of the book(s) make me smile.

Oh...and I bought Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life" tonight. :-)

Sleepypete said...

I have the Star Wars T-Shirt that has :

"If all else fails, Send in the Wookie"

on the front :-)

My "unlucky fried kitten" one disappeared without trace though.

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