Sunday, March 30, 2008


"Springleap" is a new T-shirt company based out of South Africa. One of the main things that I like about Springleap is that everything will be done in South Africa....the cloth, the printing, etc. I wish that more companies would help their country in this way (I live in the United States...where we outsource WAY TOO MUCH).

Springleap is a lot like "Threadless" online community that creates,discusses and votes on T-Shirt designs. On the Springleap site, the community votes on the best 21 designs each month....that is ambitious (and a lot of work for the printers).

"Springleap accepts entries in Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, or Macromedia Freehand ® and Adobe/Macromedia Flash®." This doesn't mean that you have to be an expert graphic artist....just know the basics of these programs or know someone who does. Some of the best T-shirts that I have seen are simply clever abstract newbies shouldn't be intimidated.

T-shirt designers can win cash,T-shirts and exposure.

I am not sure what the cost of buying T-shirts will be...but I would assume (and hope) that they will be pretty reasonable.

I am excited about this company. Each month they will print positive sayings in the back of the t-shirts....and that is how the company strikes me-a POSITIVE thing. :-)


gusgreeper said...

i have three t-shirts off threadless coming for adam, myself and a friend in England im going to send one tooooo :) a long time reader sent me a link to a sock monkey shirt that also held resemblance to my good old friend trogdor so i HAD TO HAVE IT! and i ordered one for my husband too.

im going to check out this new one too i like that it is South African


I like collecting T-shirts. I seem to be collecting (and blogging) more lately. :-)

I don't find any often....but I used to love looking for free T-shirts on the Internet.

It's funny how the T-shirts we wear come to have so much sentimentality.


Oh....still Exercising for Comments. Gusgreeper's comment caused me to exercise my cantankerously stiff right ankle for one minute...there was a lot of creaking.

Anyway....I am excited to see what Springleap looks like as more of the online community aspect starts coming into place. :-)

eran said...

Definitely going to get exciting : from tomorrow voting starts on springleap and that means the approved designs for last month are going to be displayed :):):)


I am excited to see what people have come up with. Something to smile about. :-)

Abbey said...

Thanks for the links..Abs

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