Saturday, March 01, 2008

-----Saw the new Iron Man trailer in HD....pretty.
-----Apparently, Omarosa decides to accuse Piers of being a homosexual on the next episode of Celebrity Appprentice. This is the second time Omarosa has crossed the line as far as personal remarks....the first time saying that Piers was a bad father because his children no longer lived with him (divorced if I remember correctly). I think that Omarosa should be the one to go home....just based on the fact that her remarks have gotten TOO personal.
-----Yet another person detests the show "Moment of Truth."


WendyWings said...

Ugh can't stand Omarosa ( Celeb Apprentice is not airing here yet though lol) we interviewed her once at the Fishbowl and we vowed NEVER to have her back again.
Michele sent me tonight.


:-) at Wendywings.

Sleepypete said...

Watched the Ironman trailer last night ...

Which was a mistake :-) It's only fuelling my hunger to get a PS-3 and HD telly !

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