Sunday, March 30, 2008

Randomness Meme :-)

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Week of March 30: Finish the Sentence

Fill in the blanks for this weeks meme....
1. I always wanted to __________________.
take a hot-air ballon ride...every time I have tried there has been a problem with the weather. Also today (Sunday) I am feeling that I would REALLY like to go on a bird tour.....that is so very neat.

2. I really hate it when___________________.
people treat me VERY cruelly due to the fact that I have an eye(s) that turn outward.

3. My best friend is______________________.
wise and fun. Besides said person, Husband is my best friend. Well, when I think about it....HUSBAND is the best friend I have ever had....but my other friend is still wise and fun. :-)

4. In high school I was _____________________.
excited about what the future would bring.I saw the world as being so full of possibility. Sometimes, I still have as much enthusiasm as I did then.

5. My greatest fear is _____________________.
death and what comes after.

6. My dream job is _______________________.
blogging full-time,owning a coffee/hobby store, and urban farming. This is also my life plan. :-)

7. Some people really should _________________.
think of the impact their words have on others.

8. My favorite author is ________________.
Tie between Douglas Adams,John Irving, Stephen King and the various authors of the Bible.


mercedesrules said...

I really enjoyed #1, #4, #6. It is also sad that people can be so cruel-that goes along with my showing respect. I have been to a Hot-Air balloon show, but I'm not sure if I am ready for the ride-scared of heights. I too am scared of death and what comes after. Thanks for visiting!

p.s. I would like to teach education classes as a college professor!


Getting back into "Exercising for Comments." My right arm and abdominal area thank you for getting them a little more fit. :-)

I am a little scared of heights....and probably would be throughout the ride...but I would still go as long as I felt the person operating the balloon was experienced/capable.

Yes....death is scary.

I hope that you get to teach and that it makes you very happy. :-)

P.S. I have always liked the name "Mercedes."

Tara said...

Thanks for stopping by!!

Ooh! A hot-air balloon ride! That would be sooo much fun!! I hope you get to do it eventually!!


I definitely will do it....eventually. I just need to have the largish amount of money it requires and the wind conditions come together at the same time. :-)


Oh....and "Exercising for Comments" left arm and abdominal area thank Tara for helping me to get a little more fit. :-)

AngelNeedsAHome said...

People treat you cruelly because of your eye? It makes me sick that ADULTS act that way. I mean its bad enough when school kids act that way, but maybe they don't know any better... but adults? Ugh.

Melody said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Indeed it's so sad when people reacted that way, to me they're just so naive. I like your reply on #4, where you said "...about what the future would bring. I saw the world as being so full of possibility." That's so true!

naida said...

hi hun, great answers...well said!

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