Sunday, March 02, 2008

Horrible gas prices.

No surpise, gas prices expected to go up in the U.S. this summer. will certainly be my much consulted friend during that time.

A South Florida Sun-Sentinel writer is seeking your thoughts and stories for an article about people who are turning to public transportation (due to the gas prices).


ThomasLB said...

According to LifeHiker, about 80 cents of that increase is because of the falling value of the US Dollar.


Not good. I had heard that some of this was to do with the economy before....but 80%....WOW. Gas is only going to be one of our worries the way it is going. Saving money will be VERY important.

Sleepypete said...

Petrol is between 101.9 and 106.9p a litre over here at the moment ... A few years ago when I visited Orlando, it was around 80p a litre and I was saying "Wow - petrol is really cheap round here!" to one of the petrol station people in Florida.

That 80p a litre works out to about £2.90 per US Gal or probably about $5.18. So gas over in the States was about half the price that it was over here. And the girl in the petrol station still thought it was expensive !

I reckon we'll have our gas guzzlers taken off the road soon not because we're thinking green but because we can't afford to buy the petrol :-( I just need to figure out where in this house I can keep a bike :-)

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