Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My new discovery...."Geeks on Ice"

Geeks on Ice....a VERY COOL way to meet people with like interests (if your interests are hockey,community and technology). Geeks on Ice raises money to help eradicate the digital divide.

I have wanted to play hockey for some time...though I know that I would never be any good at it due to a lot of leg/vision problems. I don't even think that I could do recreational hockey without getting hurt....which is what Geeks on Ice is.

Someday I will learn to ice skate and then calmly hit the puck around....maybe even play a little against Husband.....but with not even a remote chance of missing teeth,injured legs,pucks to the head,etc. :-)

Anyway...I hope that I get to see a "Geeks on Ice" tournament someday. I only saw men in the pictures....I hope that there are some female players, too. I think that I will plan on going to see one of these events when I go to Niagara Falls in the next few years...."I love it when a plan comes together."


Bernard Ramsey said...

Genius. Love it. The video interview on their page tells how good, smart friends just wanting to hang, have a few, and play hockey can really help others out. Thanks for the find!


I am glad I found this group. Gives me something to look forward to seeing. :-)

Definitely a good cause to support.


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