Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Las Vegas is Reconnected

Photo by "Scyza"

The power is back up in Las Vegas....there was a major power outage.
Glad there were NO INJURIES. I would be scared if I were stuck in an elevator for that long (especially if I had no way of finding out what was going on).

I was speculating that it might be a transformer when I first heard the news (via @Vubui who was in one of the buildings). When I told Husband about my theory as to what happened,he said something to the effect that it "probably is...maybe even Optimus himself." It is good to have humor in times of slight crisis. :-)

-----Donnie and Marie Osmond to host the Miss USA pageant in Las Vegas
-----Wal-Mart does something good once in a efficient stores (or at least much more energy efficient)....and the prototype will be in Vegas. I am assuming there is some sort of economic payoff to them...but at least it will benefit the environment a little (unless it enables them to build more stores). Perhaps they should start their own electric company....they could be their own towns-like Disneyworld (not being serious...just a tad satirical).


ThomasLB said...

Did you see the music video Donny made with Weird Al Yankovic?


Yes....and the green screen even. Made me laugh!!! :-)

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