Tuesday, March 11, 2008

John Mellencamp dedicates his Hall of Fame induction to the surgeon who saved his life as a baby. :-)

I did not watch because I was not home...but I am not applauding the dress that Madonna wore. Aside, from the fact that this dress will be immortalized in pictures forever....WHERE IS the dress and why does this wardrobe choice even make sense??? I find it aesthetically atrocious. It looks like a swimsuit coverup Casper the Gothic Ghost's female cousin would wear on an episode of "Leave It to Beaver."

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ThomasLB said...

They seem to have run out of legitimate rock stars to induct. The Dave Clark Five and The Ventures belong there, but Madonna and Mellencamp are more pop than rock, and while I'm not sure how to classify Leonard Cohen, he is definitely not rock. He's more of a poet with a rhythm section.

Madonna and Iggy dressed pretty much like I expected. To me, it's Justin Timberlake that really looks like a fool.


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