Sunday, March 16, 2008

In My Life

-----Re-watching "The Butterfly Effect." The Director's Cut...less flashbacks and a RADICALLY different ending (which I didn't like).
-----Tomorrow is bill-paying day....what fun.
-----Downloaded a bunch of Windows Dancers for my desktop...entertaining. I didn't know that my computer came with this option. They work...but don't detect any of the music I play...still, I might learn some dance moves from them. :-)
-----Unsure really what we are doing for St. Patrick's Day.
-----Still excited about a new t-shirt company called Springleap. If it takes off, then it might be helpful to people of South Africa. :-) I haven't checked into it lately but NoSweat (sweat-free) clothing was an awesome idea too....must go look at my NoSweat affiliate account again. :-)
-----Sipping a glass of Yorkshire Tea that husband brought to me....put Acacia Honey in it. When I had it before it was too it's perfect. We have Acacia Honey from Hungary....clear,sweet, flows easily. :-)

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