Friday, March 14, 2008

In My Life

-----Checking out software for scriptwriting. "ScriptFrenzy" starts in April and I will be participating. I am writing a screenplay about William Clark (of Lewis & Clark fame). Writing a 100-page script in a month....challenging. premieres Spring 2008. :-) I have added myself to the mailing list so that I can keep informed. :-)
-----Starting an expansive project....reading through EVERY past post and putting labels on them....expansive.
-----Saddened by the fact that Patrick Swayze still appears to be smoking (despite cancer). DISGUSTED that the paparazzi are following his every move and that one tabloid is chronicling his "last days."
-----I am in the top 0.2% of blogs tracked by Technorati. :-)
-----I am getting excited about a new t-shirt company called Springleap. It is kind of like Threadless and may help the people of South Africa. Stay tuned for details. :-)


Thaleia said...

OOOhhhh Scriptfrenzy.. that must be fun. I couldn't do it myself, but... good luck with that! Keep us posted!


ps: Michele sent me


I am intimidated by it...but I have to "win" at one of these things sooner or later. Usually, life events get in the way for me. We shall see though....and, of course, I will blog it.

Thank you for visiting, Thaleia. :-)

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