Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Suits...there's always suits.

-----Tolkiens' heirs received absolutely nothing from the Lord of the Rings trilogy....now they are suing. I don't blame them. I hope that some agreement can be reached and the planned movies can still be released. :-(

-----Woman files a $54 million dollar suit against Best Buy. I think there is a pretty good chance that they won't find out where her computer went...if it wasn't in the store, then (short of employee theft) I would assume that it went out of the store with another customer in some moment of incompetence. Maybe the computer got sent to another store...in a moment of incompetence. Maybe Best Buy looks at their Geek Squad area like a baggage carousel...sounds like it from the description of how much they feel liable for. I hope more effort has been made to locate her computer. That is a large amount to sue for but I would guess that there will be negotiations. I would have found the first action on the part of Best Buy intolerable....and maybe even the second depending on attitude displayed by the company. I don't think I would sue, but I would certainly start a campaign to have action taken....and not quit until I felt the issue was resolved. Then again, how many months can a company expect one to put up with something like this?

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