Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. Ever have a cold to the point of losing your voice and feel an insane urge to whistle. That happened to me today (Wed.) for some reason. I guess you can whistle despite having no voice. Odd things you never think about...until you experience them. :-)

2. The man who might be JFK's son has decided not to talk to the media for a while. I don't blame him. I do hope that situation gets figured is family and a person should know. I am not fond of some of the Kennedys but I wish them and Jack Worthington's family virtual hugs right now.
-----Photo of Jack Worthington

3. A pretty comprehensive set of HTML lessons. Also includes some JavaScript. I am going to work through all of these. I like adding to my HTML knowledge....I hate all the convoluted explanations and outdated code that some sites offer. I think this site is excellent for someone wanting a crash course. :-)

4. Celebrity Apprentice is on tonight (Thursday). I have been following and I am cheering for Omarosa to be fired. It is just the sometimes irrational stances and (sometimes) needless hostility. Anyway...this show has been interesting because there have been a lot of surprises.

5. I was looking at old "Burning Man" festival photos. I never realized that people walk around naked there.

6. Stocks and Brown Sauce 101

-----Cheddar-Spinach Meatloaf. This is a rolled meatloaf.
-----Cranberry Meatloaf
-----Crock Pot Lemon Chicken

8. New products/marketing:
-----The "Welch's Strip"...a new advertising method. I find this idea distasteful.
-----Playboy is now producing an energy drink. The rest of the article is a joke.

9. Interview with a man in Japan who makes umbrellas by hand

10. I was hunting around on Free Sample Forager and sent for the Wisconsin Wine,Beer and Cheese Map. I find a lot of neat things on Free Sample Forager. :-)

11. How to store coffee

12. Zwaggle...a network where parents share gently-used childrens' items.



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Sleepypete said...

Looking forward to the finished article :-)

Had fun doing my Thursday Thirteen today. Compiling it took less time than listening to the results ;-)


Mine always takes me a while...just cause my schedule is often weird.

Thirteen is always fun. I saw yours already....if it is the one about music. I was impressed because your taste is unique.

Joy Renee said...

thanx for the link to HTML lessons

and thanx for visiting my TT

Sleepypete said...

Yey :-) I have the Thursday Thirteen code again :-) Thanks TBB :-)

colleen said...

Pacman really brings back memories. Hey, what happened to the 13 Thursday Hub? It seems to have vanished.


I noticed that too. I tried getting into individual pages through the cache and searching but that did not work. It is totally gone. Let us hope that our Thursday Thirteen Hub comes back. :-)

Bloggers said...

Great post. I love pacman. My 13 is up on Working at Home Mom


Thanks for visiting, "Bloggers." I will be visiting you in a while. :-)


Working at Home-
I couldn't find your Thirteen. :-(

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