Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen.....

1. The man who may be JFK's son is asking that DNA testing be done.
-----Photo of this gentleman. Husband says his eyes look like JFK's.

2. There will be a Naked Sushi Night in Minneapolis.

3 Billy Graham in fair condition...after brain surgery.

-----Radio station giving away a free divorce on Valentine's Day.
-----Oysters,mollusks and clams are all actually aphrodisiacs (scientists say so)....more so at a certain time of year.
-----Rumors are circulating the Internet that Britney Spears is now married to her paparazzi boyfriend.
-----The 30 Day relation to dating and Valentine's Day.


6. World's first submersible car. I wonder how far it can drive underwater. If Rinspeed can build cars, can't someone train people how to negotiate safely, then build submersible scooters with hand extensions or poles that would enable people to start cleaning up our waters??? Yes, I think big.'s a really pretty sportscar.
-----Video...and apparently it can go 10 kilometers under water.

7. Mitt Romney will endorse John McCain.

8. Metal display hooks at stores are very dangerous to children in particular. I urge people to blog about this...those hooks should not be anywhere that they can be tripped into.

9. McCain Blogette...yes, it is the blog of John McCain's daughter, Meghan. I am putting it in my blogroll, not because I support McCain (I don't know who I support yet), but because it is gives a unique look at the campaign. :-)


"Living Large:America's Middle Class." Takes a look at the economic situation outside of the way that it is portrayed in the media.

11. New York City has a new official city condom.

-----I am trying out a revenue sharing site called "This Is By Us." The site covers all sorts of topics and shares the revenue from ads with both writers and commenters. This should at least be an interesting adventure. I try a little of everything in the Blogosphere (for the most part) and I have never participated in anything like this before. I won't write...but I will be a great commenter and write about entries that I like here.
-----I am also making an effort at giving Twitter another try....though I found it boring before...are any of you on Twitter???

13. Willie Nelson's new video "Gravedigger"


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Mar said...

Now that is truly a work in progress, how unique :)
Michele sent me your way to read these very unique news , have a happy day


Thanks, Mar. This is the way I have found that my Thirteens make me happiest. I usually post them as I helps me actually get them done....and doesn't take away from my posting consistency as I am not losing posting time when I work on my Thirteen. My schedule is I grab what blogging time I can. Anyway...Thirteens always make me find something new even when inspiration is slow or the schedule prohibits me from finishing all at once. :-)

Linda said...

Michele sent me to see your work in progress...I wended my way through your vigil list and it was quite heartbreaking to read some of those stories...things that you don't really hear on television (particularly if you have a child addicted to spongebob....).

I'll have to come back to see if your Thursday 13 gets finished!!!


My Thirteens usually get finished. The exception being if I come down with the flu or something like that.

Thank you for reading the vigil list.I read a lot of news so I guess that I find out about these things. I truly hope that people rally around and support those who go through such tragedies.

amy said...

very creative list..I need to add you to bloglines so i wont forget to come back


Thank you, Amy. I love repeat visitors. :-)

Natalie said...

Kind of random, but very interesting.


I am usually kind of random....whatever my interests are. :-)

AJ Chase said...

Oh, this was fascinating. And that guy looks very much like JFK.


Thanks on the fascinating comment, AJ.

I think that he looks a lot like JFK, too. I hope that as little Kennedy/Worthington feelings are hurt as possible in getting this solved.

colleen said...

I enjoyed this entertaining grouping, Willie's song, pink condoms!? I've been intriqued by JFK's possible son too and reading about it.


I hope that the JFK's son story has happy/amicable ending....not troublesome. I just would not like to see a lot of fighting over this issue.

Tink said...

This is a very interesting list! I really enjoyed reading it.
Thanks for visiting my poem TT!

Toia said...

I always like reading your TTs. They are very interesting.


Thanks, Tink. I really found your Thirteen unique. I like when people really show a bit of what they are truly interested any blog post. :-)

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