Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen.....

1. Should a 15-year-old receive the same punishment as anyone at Guantanamo? This is not the only young person that has been at Guantanamo by the way.

2. It cost taxpayer's $25,000 to get Britney Spears safely to the hospital. Now there is more concern about regulating paparazzi activity. I wish that there had been more concern before taxpayer money was pointed out.

3. Wow...actual hover cars. I hope that these have to be kept on regular roads....who would want to be playing at the park and get killed by a random hover car?

4. Okay, this does not make me feel secure about the accuracy of voting machines. I will be voting this year...but I have no idea who for.


Julia Nunes. I like her style. Maybe,when I have learned to play my guitars well, I will take up the ukulele.

6. A bill that would ban ALL civil marriages in Maryland.

7. Willie Nelson's "GraveDigger" video. From what I understand, it is a cover of a Dave Matthews song.


"Liverpool 8." This is from Ringo Starr's channel on YouTube. It is kind of pretty.

9. Something I had never heard about...The St.Paul Bouncing Girl. That looks like fun. I reluctantly have to say that I wouldn't try it due to the danger though. If I could land on inflatables...then I would love doing something like this.

10. Britney Spears has been released from the hospital. I hope with a good treatment plan and the will to get better....whatever it is that is wrong (I don't think that has ever been absolutely confirmed).

11. Disgusted by this show that is on tonight "The Moment of Truth"...a gameshow that uses polygraphs. Have you watched and what do you think of it? I think that some things are better left unsaid...especially when they are only being revealed for the entertainment of others.I don't think that polygraphs are super reliable. A lot of these questions could really cause pain for I said, better left unsaid. How do you find people for a show like this anyway? Do they provide counseling afterwards? Will it be the end of the show if someone comes on the show and lies...but the detector says they are telling the truth? How can they prevent violent reactions after the show? A more apt name for the show would be "True but Cruel" and the last questions should be "Do you resent needing the money enough to do this show? Do you feel like you are being used for the entertainment of others? Do you think people "forgave" you for the answers because of the money at stake? Did you see or sense pain from your loved ones during this show? Are you going to regret what was said here for the rest of your life?"
"Do you blame your father for tearing your family apart?"
"Do you use lack of money as an excuse to keep from proposing to ____?"
"In the past year, have you sent flirtatious text messages to anyone other than ____?"
"Would you cheat on your wife if you wouldn't get caught?"
-----And the announcer claims that this is the most popular new TV show in America.
-----I wonder how many people would go on this show twice?

12. I have a new nail polish that I like. It is a clear polish...more like a top coat. "Love My Nails: Crazy About You." The "Crazy About You" part comes from the little red metallic hearts floating in the clear liquid. At the start of using it you have to work on skewering the hearts but once the bottle is stirred up a while (the shaking doesn't help), you start getting a few hearts each dip. I worked with it and put random hearts on my fingers...pretty. I did my nail polish subtly...let us see if Husband notices.


Chad Vader (lesser known brother of Darth) being interviewed by "Obama Girl."

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Open Grove Claudia said...

What a delightful mis-mash of interesting things! Thanks for putting all of this together. You do inspire - diversity, interest and learning - how cool!

Happy TT!


Thank you. You made me really happy with your comment Claudia. :-)

colleen said...

Many think the last election was stolen by electronic voting machines. Remember the polls were wrong in an unprecedented way in Ohio?

I have to come back and listen to the videos because I clicked on the first one (cute girl) and my husband called from down stairs that I owe him a massage because the sound woke him up.

The nail polish sounds like fun! And I hate shows like lie detector. It has a certain morbid appeal, like watching a house burn down. It takes more and more low grade trash to entertain the masses.


Colleen-Thank you for all of your observations. It sounds to me like your Husband and you are very sweet to each other.

Nicholas said...

A 15 year old is still a child and as such shold be entitled to the protection of the International Declaration of the Rights of the Child. Unfortunately, Iran, Somalia and the USA are the only countries in the world that have not signed up to it. That allows them to try children as adults, impose life sentences on ten-year-olds and even execute them. Boy soldiers are victims, not criminals and should be treated as such. However, if they fall foul of a 19th century justice system, there is little chance of that.

Why use voting machines? The safest way to count votes is to have bits of paper marked with an X next to the chosen candidate’s name, that can be counted and recounted as many times as needed, and can then be stored in case further verification is needed.

I haven’t seen that show but I have heard of it. As I recoil in horror I do reflect that all the people on it are there of their own free will. If their answers get them into trouble, they have only themselves to blame.


I can't see the U.S. executing a child. The fact that he is not a child now may have some impact...depending on how he carries himself now.

Kat's Krackerbox said...

With all the money Spears has you'd think they get the money from her instead of us taxpayers...just isn't right to me when she can afford it! Great assortment of interesting things going on. Happy TT

Brenda ND said...

I'm a fan of Chad Vader. I'd shop at his grocery store just to see him. Happy TT!

Bloggers said...

really great list of 13.

Laura said...

Happy Thursday :)


I am divided in my opinion about paying for being committed. She did not ask to have a mental illness...but we pay for every other medical service in this country...including being charged (well, at least our relatives) for the final ambulance ride. If a mental commitment were unjustified, I certainly would contest paying for it...for instance, when a 72-hour hold is done. Involuntarily committing someone helps keep society and the individual safe...and I am willing to pay to get a person help. Yes, it took a LOT of money to get Britney some help....maybe someday she will voluntarily give that money back.


Chad Vader is very funny. :-)


Thanks, "Bloggers."

Happy Thursday to you, Laura. :-)

Starrlight said...

Chad Vader cracks me up too =) Happy TT!


Happy TT, Starrlight. :-)

grace said...

Great list of things put together. I am tired of reading about Britney Spears already.I hope she gets the proper treatment soon.


I am hoping that Britney Spears gets treatment, too. This has to be hard on her children.

Tink said...

Very interesting list of all kinds of stuff!
Thanks for visiting my Dalai Lama TT.


Thanks, Tink. I always enjoy visiting your blog. I hadn't been to see your blog in a while. :-)

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