Thursday, February 07, 2008

In My Life

-----The test results are in on the chupacabra. It may still be a chupacabra. Husband still thinks it's funny to call me a chupacabra when I talk about this.
-----Eventually I want to join the Frugal Hacks blogroll. I am passionate about frugality but I could be more passionate about it. My blog does not have an obvious frugality theme running through it....but it should. I will be on that blogroll someday.
-----Celebrity Apprentice is on tonight.
-----Besides me watching Apprentice, we are watching the second Highlander movie (having watched the first one last night). Lately, we are into re-watching series of movies.
-----"Lipstick Jungle" premieres tonight. This should have some interesting glimpses of what society is like right now. I am very into studying pop culture...which it seems is becoming increasingly snobbish (unfortunately). From what I have seen, the Andrew McCarthy character may be gentle and likable (plays a billionaire,if I remember correctly).
-----Snoopy exercising made me laugh. I always initially spell exercising as "excercising" is a little amusing to picture Snoopy excercising.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Michele swnt me to tell you that my next door neighbor is ON "Celebrity Apprentice"....! My next door neighbor is: MARILU HENNER! I will be watching it myself, later on....! (It is only 6:09pm here now....!

How DO you actually spell Excersizing....??? I am such a bad speller, I am honestly not sure! (lol)


I hope that you enjoy the show. It must be REALLY exciting for you. :-)

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