Monday, February 18, 2008

Terror suspects are allowed bail?????

Terror suspects are allowed to be out on bail? I am not saying that this man is guilty or innocent....nor do I have any idea specifically what "terror" he is being accused of. Either the terror can't be that terrible or the government in Canada is just overly trusting. Have you ever heard of a terror suspect being on bail and entrusted to the care of relatives?

Of course, I live in a country where murder suspects are allowed bail all the time. states that he was accused of being an AlQaeda sleeper agent (so, there's the answer to my question of what the terror was) and details the measures that are being taken to detain him.

The detaining measures are pretty extensive but what is prohibiting him from becoming a danger to his relatives (who are "sureties") or keeping the relatives from communicating to other associates of his??? Imagine your feelings if you were a neighbor during all of this.

The treatment of some terror suspects here in the States is criticized as cruel. By the same token, perhaps the handling of terror suspects in some other countries is too lax. In Canada, Harkat is not the only suspect who has received bail and is under house arrest with relatives being "sureties."

I am, however, glad that Harkat has not, thus far, been deported back to Algeria (where his fate would be dire-he came to Canada as a political refugee).

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ThomasLB said...

The 8th amendment says "Excessive bail shall not be required," but judges tend to ignore that first word. They ignore a lot of things that they find inconvenient.

Typically bail is set so high that only the very wealthy can afford it.

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