Sunday, February 24, 2008

Researchers find way to easily access encrypted data...a way that encrypted data could be stolen.


ThomasLB said...

The computers most at risk are laptops, because people tend to leave them in "hibernation" mode. That means there's still a little bit of power running through it, and the Bad Guys have plenty of time to take it apart and dissect the password.

It's rare though for someone to steal a laptop for the data. Usually when a thief grabs a laptop it's because he wants to sell the laptop.

So I think this technique is most likely to be used by governments- and you can thwart them easily enough just by turning your computer completely off or rebooting.


The government would be baffled by my laptop. I have done thousands of searches for things so varied. It's because I try to follow up on everything I ever write about....and I am interested in a lot of different topics. I literally have hundreds and thousands of searches a week. My bookmarks take about 5 minutes to go through the whole list (I need to organize those sometime soon). You always hear about the goverment seizing laptops from suspected criminals and I wonder what they would think of mine.

Anyway....I have that stupid Mozilla feature that saves what I was last working on. I told it not to install...but it did anyway. Sometimes I use it (sometimes it messes up my computer).

I just find it interesting that computers are not as protected as companies and/or corrupt individuals think they are.

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